Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, PR

Would you like to be active in the social networks Facebook, Instagram, etc., quickly and accurately introduce a new service to your patients via Google Ads, or give an interview in a professional journal? The creative team at praxivisio supports you in all your plans and unerringly channels out the possibilities that make sense for your practice. To this end, we set up your campaign in line with your target group and are happy to look after it in the long term to ensure the best possible success.

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Social Media Marketing, Google Advertising, PR – Our Practice Marketing for Medical Professionals

Social Media Marketing, Google Ads, PR

Would you like to place your practice or certain services in selected online and offline media in a target group-oriented manner? We will be happy to support you in this endeavour with individual campaigns both online on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc., or offline in the public sphere or in the press.

Social media + campaigns

We create and manage your social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other channels. To do this, we first analyse which channels are suitable for your target group and then set up your channels according to your individual corporate design.

For target-group-specific support of your social media channels, we design an editorial and posting plan and take care of the graphic and textual design as well as translation, if necessary, and of course the publication of your posts.

Paid social media campaigns can also be used to directly address potential patients and customers and win them over for your practice within a very short time.

Minimum term is 3 months. You can find more information in our GTC.

Public space & public transport

Whether billposting on buses and trains or advertising on advertising pillars in a particular part of town – with praxivixio, our agency for practice marketing, you are in the right hands. We take care of the targeted area selection as well as the conception of the advertising media for you and control your large advertising presence with pinpoint accuracy.


You would like to give an interview for a trade magazine or a major daily newspaper? Place an ad in the pharmacy magazines? If so, we will be happy to take over all the necessary management for you in order to achieve your goal quickly, easily and in accordance with your ideas.

Video, Waiting Room TV & Photo

Pictures say more than a thousand words!

Put the finishing touches on your practice website or brochures with personal practice and team images, show the people behind your medical facilities with an effective image film, inform your patients about complex medical issues in an understandable way in an animated explainer video, benefit from the reach of short Instagram videos or rely on a fully individualized waiting room TV tailored to your needs and service portfolio.

Learn more about video, waiting room TV and photo here!

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Why should you choose praxivisio for the creation and support of your medical facility's Socal Media Marketing, Google Advertising (Ads) or PR?

praxisvisio is a highly motivated, dynamic and friendly creative team from Berlin’s vibrant Mitte district. Whether social media manager, SEM manager, graphic designer, editor or photographer, each of our colleagues and partners has many years of professional experience in their own field. praxivisio founder and managing director Carolin Besherz has herself managed the marketing department in an MVZ and an ophthalmology practice and therefore knows about the challenges of your everyday practice and the peculiarities of the medical industry.

What monthly advertising budget should be planned for Google advertising or a Google Ads campaign?

For the start of the Google advertising campaign, a daily budget of 10 to 20 euros is usually recommended. Of course, this also depends on the click price and the density of competition within the product or service to be advertised. We will be happy to advise you in more detail!

Over the course of the campaign, targeted and user-specific adjustments are made to the ads so that the daily budget can also be timed accordingly.

How many postings are recommended for regular social media support?

The number of monthly or weekly postings is always platform dependent. The desired goals you want to achieve with social media support are also taken into account in the number of postings. We would be happy to advise you on this in more detail!

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