Human Resources Marketing in
Medicine & Care

Medical professionals are and will remain in short supply in the near future. According to the survey, recruiting staff in practices, hospitals, laboratories or pharmacies is the biggest challenge in the health sector. Nevertheless, in order to attract qualified medical professionals to the medical facility despite the scarce supply and high competition, it is no longer enough to place a classic newspaper advertisement these days. What matters here is target-group-specific, professional and trustworthy communication. We at praxivisio have made it our task to support you in recruiting employees with strong personnel marketing tailored to the needs of medicine and nursing and to build up an attractive employer brand, because this is what you should be counting on in the long term!

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Attract medical professionals, doctors, partners or practice successors with professional HR Marketing


Advertising measures that are specifically aimed at the target group or potential employees.


Increase awareness and visibility in the health market.


Creating an attractive employee brand whose positive employer image has an impact both externally and internally.


Differentiation from competitors by emphasizing and uniformly communicating the company's own strengths.


Increasing the attractiveness and quality of the practice in the event of a future practice takeover.


Improve general external communication for the entire medical facility.

What is Human Resources Marketing in medicine & nursing?

In our work as an agency and HR booster for your medical institution, we focus primarily on external HR Marketing for medicine & care.

External HR Marketing includes all communication measures to promote the employer brand and to attract potential and qualified employees from the health care sector – doctors, nurses, medical assistants, dental assistants, clinic staff, etc. – to the company.

Why invest in Human Resources Marketing for medicine & care?


… of doctors, dentists and pharmacists rank the shortage of skilled workers among the greatest challenges in the health sector.1


… of health and social services is suffering from a great staff shortage.2

Full-time employees in the health and social care sectorwill be lacking by the year 2030.3


of the medical practices have already had to cut their range of services due to the lack of staff.4


… of job seekers used social media in their job search in 2021.5


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Personnel marketing instruments – What belongs to Human Resources Marketing?

“You can’t not communicate because all communication (not just with words) is behaviour and just as you can’t not behave, you can’t not communicate.” Paul Watzlawick – Philosopher, psychotherapist and communication scientist

For a target group-specific, effective and (positive!) image-building Human Resoruces marketing strategy, the media or instruments used (e.g. practice website, social media campaigns, job advertisements), the wording, the visual elements for attracting doctors and medical professionals such as MFAs, ZFAs, PTAs, etc. should be deliberately chosen and the current trends should be taken up. If medical practices do not have an online presence or continue to rely on an outdated website, this is also perceived by potential employees and is (positive? Probably not!) image-shaping. As an experienced partner, we support medical institutions such as medical practices, hospitals, MVZs, nursing homes, laboratories, pharmacies in the optimal planning and conception of a customised Human Resources Marketing strategy for medicine and nursing to attract doctors, nursing staff and medical personnel from all fields. Contact us directly and let us start together with your promising and future-oriented personnel search!

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